Top Pieces of Horse Riding Apparel Every Young Rider Needs

When children start horse riding lessons, having the proper gear allows them to ride comfortably and safely. While some riding schools provide helmets and other equipment for beginners, it is useful for parents to invest in a few essential pieces. This not only ensures a good fit but also allows the child to feel prepared.

Keep reading as we go over the top pieces of horse riding apparel that every child needs when starting lessons. With the appropriate gear, a young rider will feel ready to connect with their horse.

The Proper Protective Helmet

The most vital piece of equipment, whether they are having lessons or attending a pony riding camp, is undoubtedly an approved riding helmet. These helmets protect a rider’s head in case of falls and have been proven to drastically reduce head injuries. When shopping, look for current safety certification from organisations like the British Safety Standard. Consider colour and design based on the child’s preference as well.

It is critical to obtain the proper size by carefully measuring the circumference of the child’s head. Most helmets include adjustable inner pads to customise the fit. Despite the cost, a helmet should be replaced once damaged or subjected to a significant impact.

Sturdy Jodhpur Boots

In addition to protecting the head, jodhpur boots guard the feet and ankles. These short boots support proper leg position and prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrup. Traditionally, they feature a thick rubber sole to prevent slipping on smooth stable floors.

When fitting boots, make sure to choose an appropriate width and leave about a half-inch between the toes and boot tip. Consider boots with zippers for easy on and off as children get started. Although they are more expensive, some high-quality leather boots can be rebuilt as a child’s feet grow.

Breezy Two-Tone Jodhpurs

Jodhpurs refer to the classic riding pants with reinforced inner knees and ankles. Made from a lightweight fabric light cotton, these trousers allow freedom of movement in the saddle. Jodhpurs worn by children often feature a fashionable two-tone colour design, or even designs with cartoon characters, patterns and more.

For a proper fit, measure the inseam to determine the correct length without bunching around the ankles. Jodhpurs may run large in the waist but should not be overly baggy in the seat and thighs. Half chaps can also be matched with short boots and jodhpurs for extra protection and style points.

Grippy Riding Gloves

Riding gloves serve the dual purpose of reinforcing reins handling whilst protecting the hands from blisters or rubbing. Children’s riding gloves are made of thin, flexible leather or synthetic suede. These materials provide a good rip and tactile feel on the reins.

For proper fit, measure the circumference around the widest part of the palm just below the fingers. Allow room for a finger between the tip and end of the glove for comfort and flexibility. Lightweight gloves with ventilation eyelets also help hands stay cool in warmer temperatures.

With this gear to hand, your child will not only look the part of a rider but will also be safe and comfortable in the saddle. Investing in proper clothing and safety equipment gives children confidence as they continue to improve their equine skills.

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