Tips for Getting Back Into a Regular Reading Habit

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Remember when you were younger and getting lost in a good book was your favorite thing to do? Reading for pleasure is not only an enjoyable hobby, but it also increases vocabulary, improves concentration, and reduces stress. However, as we grow older and busier, we often forget the joy of slipping into a good story. Responsibilities like homework, extracurriculars, your first job, and even preparing for college can make it seem like you just don’t have time to curl up with your latest book obsession anymore.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never feel the same about reading again, though. Sometimes, you just need to reset, mix up your routine, and give yourself a chance to rebuild that reading habit. Fall in love with the world of books again with these tips for getting back into a regular reading habit.

Make Time for Reading

When life gets busy, it’s hard to find the time to read. However, setting aside even a little bit of time each day can make a big difference. Plan to read for at least 15 minutes a day, then gradually increase that time as you get used to the routine. Not sure how to fit those 15 minutes in? Try waking up a little earlier than usual, reading a little bit before bedtime, or decompressing with a book when you get home from school.

Make Books Accessible

The more accessible reading is, the easier it is to just pick up a story and get lost in it. There are plenty of ways to make books more accessible in your life. Keep your current read on you—in a backpack or a purse—wherever you go so you can sneak a few pages in whenever you get a spare moment. Alternatively, turn to audiobooks to listen to your current novel while you’re driving, cooking, working out, or doing other things.

It also helps to make buying books accessible. This might mean treating yourself to a trip to the bookstore to stock up on all those exciting titles you’ve been eyeing. But if you can’t make it to the bookstore, you can still make buying books fun and convenient by purchasing them online from a reputable site. Just be sure that you know the things to look for when buying books online. Truly, there’s nothing like that burst of joy you get when you find your new books waiting for you on your doorstep.

Start With Easy Reads

Sometimes, getting back into reading can be challenging because you want to start with a long and complicated book, but you’re not used to jumping into something so dense anymore. It’s easy to feel demoralized when you struggle with reading, especially if you used to eagerly read novels well above your grade’s recommended reading level.

It’s nothing to feel bad about, though. One of the best tips for getting back into reading is to simply work your way back up by starting with easy reads. Check out short stories or novellas in your favorite genres or by your favorite authors. You can also pick up a childhood favorite and read it again to reignite the spark that fueled your passion for books when you were younger.

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