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TikTok’s Hot Girl Walks: My Thoughts

hot girl walks

There I was. Casually scrolling through TikTok only to see something… interesting. At that moment I was introduced to the “Hot Girl Walks” trend. Honestly, I think it’s a lot different than it seems just hearing the title.

What is it?

A Hot Girl Walk is, essentially, a long walk (four miles) where you focus on your mindset as you go. They’re pitched to not just be about exercise and physical body image, but about how we feel about ourselves too. On these walks you’re only allowed to think about: 

  1. Things you’re grateful for
  2. How hot you are
  3. Your goals

And that’s it. And you just walk. For a long time. And they even have a playlist to listen to as you go.

So, of course, I had to try it.

My Experience

I’ll admit, I LOVED my walks. I love walking in general, and doing this trend really reintroduced me to that after some time off. 

But… it wasn’t perfect either.

For one, I found it hard to follow the rules. Maybe it’s just because I get distracted easily and normally use my walks as an excuse to let my mind wander, but I found myself slipping into my normal walking habits.

And honestly, I think that’s okay.

I still got the confidence boost I needed, I exercised, and I spent way more time focussing on what I was grateful for, planning out my goals, and giving myself a confidence boost than I normally would. And the playlist the creator made is pretty fun too (a bit explicit at times, so I’m putting a content warning here for swearing and mature themes).

But I will say that going for “Hot Girl Walks” made me feel better about choosing walking for exercise. I always thought things like running, pilates, dancing, or workout programs like Chloe Ting were “cooler”, and yet they were way harder to stay motivated to do. With walks, I could control the pace, music (or podcast), and location (as opposed to having to go to a specific gym or to be close to my TV so I can see the moves). It was also fun to tell myself I wasn’t just going for a walk, but a “Hot Girl Walk”. And that somehow felt more motivating and like I wasn’t alone in this movement of girls who walk to feel better, physically and mentally.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really like this trend. I think, when you learn the real message behind it, it isn’t nearly as weird or potentially damaging as it might seem. Also, walking is effective. For something that is low impact, walking brings a ton of benefits. From boosting your immune system, to easing joint pain, even to reducing your risk of Breast Cancer, walking is definitely an activity that can greatly impact your life in good ways. 

But that doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect. 

For one, I think the title can be a little misleading. Being a “hot girl” and “focusing on how hot you are” is usually perceived, in our society, as being largely about our external appearance. And while I think there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look our best, this trend almost verges on being TOO consumed with our outward appearance. Especially if the wrong person hears about it. I love the gratefulness aspect, though, and I think that counteracts a lot of the potential negatives. 

Also, it got boring sometimes. Even using my own music instead of the playlist wasn’t great because I usually listen to more podcasts and audiobooks. Because I saw a video from the creator saying she discouraged podcasts because you can’t as easily think about what you need to during the walk, I tried to follow the rules. 

The length of the walk could also potentially be an issue. I love a long walk and can hike my neighborhood for hours on some days, I have other days where I can’t do so much.  I still think even my short walks are “Hot Girl Walks” even if I can’t go the full four miles and that I still get most (if not all) of the benefits just by doing what I’m able.


Move your body in a way that works for you! If going for a “Hot Girl Walk” (either following the original rules or keeping the concept but personalizing it a little to yourself) empowers you, please do it and have so much fun doing it. If they aren’t your thing, no stress! You’re not a “hot girl” because you do or don’t go for a walk a Tiktok creator recommends. Furthermore, it’s okay to not have any desire to be a “hot girl” in the first place. It’s all about your mindset, doing things that feel right for you, the way you choose to portray yourself to the world, and all the positive and loving and caring things about you on the inside that radiate out. If going for a “Hot Girl Walk” boosts your confidence and helps you be kinder to yourself and to others, it’s a great trend for you!





Skylar Summers is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She's passionate about empowering women through storytelling, writing, and creating visual media. To learn more about Skylar, visit her Instagram page @skylarsummers20 and watch her short films on her website (linked on her Instagram page)!

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