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This will be the biggest hair trend in 2017, according to an expert

This will be the biggest hair trend in 2017, according to an expert

There were a lot of ups and downs this past year (RIP David Bowie and Prince), but 2016 sure was a good year for hair. Trends and colors of all sorts were coming at us left and right. It was almost too much beauty to handle at once. Celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner led the way of short, blunt bobs, we saw lots of braids, especially fish tails, and it was fun to witness the surge of the lilac shade. Hair accessories seemed to keep up a momentum throughout the year, too.

As December starts to wrap up, we’re looking eagerly into the next year wondering what the biggest hair trend will be in 2017. What will we see the most of? Who will lead the way and show us how to rock these fresh styles?

Hello Giggles spoke with Tanya Ramirez, a hairstylist in L.A., who says there are quite a few styles and colors that will make a big splash in 2017, but she says the one hair trend that’s going to take the world by storm is the icy, silver-white hair color.

There are all sorts of ways to play with this color trend, and you’ll find that no two shades are exactly the same. Here you can see Jennifer Lawrence rocking a silvery white color on the Jimmy Fallon show while promoting her new movie Passengers. At the same time she’s sporting a beachy long bob that has plenty of natural texture and some choppy layers. Jen, you are our ultimate hairspiration.

Just a few days ago we saw Michelle Williams with her signature pixie cut, which had an icy white tone to it as well. Of course, let’s not forget Taylor Swift earlier at the Met Gala this year, who surprised us all with her jump from golden blonde to ice queen.

“Whether you’re craving a dramatic change or looking to establish a signature look, it’s important to understand your hair type and texture”

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 18: Actress Michelle Williams attends Louis Vuitton presents A Special Screening Of “Manchester By The Sea” at Crosby Street Hotel on December 18, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Louis Vuitton)

The hue of each of these celebrities’ hair is a little bit different, and Ramirez reminds us that whatever icy, silver color you go for will be unique, depending on your natural locks and skin. When you’re trying to decide how to pull off your own color makeover, Ramirez recommends you “think of your favorite colors, the staples in your wardrobe, and, of course, your own natural skin tone to determine a complimentary hue.”

So no matter how much you love and adore (and/or worship) Jennifer Lawrence, don’t ask for the same exact cut and color if your tresses are different than hers. The best way to rock the icy, silver-white trend is to find a way that specifically suits you.

As for other big hair trends to fall into our laps in 2017, Ramirez says, “Voluminous curls and texture styles will be big. Plaits/braided styles will continue in popularity. ‘Wet hair’ styles will gain momentum.”

Ramirez also tells HG that there will be a lot of fun fusions of natural hair color and fashion tones, which will keep the ombre and balayage trends in style for a while.

As for cuts, blunt bobs and long bobs will be red hot, as will medium-length shag cuts that “promote curl and volume.” Expect to see super-long styles make a major comeback as well.

“Anything goes these days, so chat with your trusted stylist and go for it!”

2017 is the year to embrace the hair you’ve got, and tweak it however you’d like.

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