The Price of Beauty

Is it worth it?

Getting up every morning putting on a mask hiding your true beauty

Staring in the mirror not quite satisfied with your body

Constantly worried about what the world thinks

Sitting wondering how can I become this ideal beauty the world admires

Thinking maybe someday I’ll be just as beautiful as Beyonce’ or have the body of Nicki

But for now you feel out of place

You take this gift God your creator gave you and despise of it

You waste checks on makeup for this mask that you put on every morning

This mask makes you feel beautiful huh?

You hate your hair because you have “slave hair’ so you feel the need to hide it

Back shots to make you like Nicki

All of this?

All of this to be considered beautiful in the world’s eye

Question is do you feel beautiful?

Do you still feel like the person your heart says you are?

You think yes I’m all of that

But if you were to be stripped of all these things would you still feel “beautiful”

Society makes you ashamed of the true you so you create this artificial image

What about your true image

What about your true personality

But you hide them because feel like it’s your way of getting over and being accepted

Think about these things

There’s a difference between external confidence and TRUE confidence

True confidence is within your soul along with true beauty

Society doesn’t know the beauty of your soul

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