The light still conquers the dark

picture of light in a dark field of flowers


It is everywhere 

Surrounding you 

Consuming you

You can’t see anything

Fear grabs hold of you with its icy fingers

All of your fears, insecurities and doubts scream at you

The dark is like a wave that keeps pushing you under when you try to breath

You give up trying to hold it back

You start falling into the abyss

But then you see something

Just the smallest flicker


You focus on only the light that looks like it is smiling down at you

As you look at this light you see another

And another 

You realize what they are


The darkness tries to grab you again but it is weaker

The stars all shine down on you showing you hope

They show you that darkness is only as strong as you let it be 

Then you see the most beautiful sight in the world

The Moon

It is mesmerizing

It isn’t as blinding as the sun that tries to show you how powerful it is

No, It is subtle in its calming glow 

Like it is trying to sooth you

It shows you gentleness and care

The you see the full picture

Millions of stars are surrounding you, not the darkness

The darkness is just a backdrop to the beauty of the light that the moon and stars give

In daytime the light is conquering after inch of the earth 

In the night we think that it is pitch black and filled with horror

But it is beautiful

One star alone isn’t a bright as the sun but together they bring so much light and hope

The moon helps you see that you don’t have to overshadow everything to be the star of the show

The light still conquers the dark   

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