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The Future

We care in our definition of love
We love in our means of life
But we live in the confines of society
The same society that not only feeds our youth
But poisons the brains of our future
We give all we have until there’s nothing left
And we have to change that
Because we are who we are until we’re gone
So allow us to be that way in our own way
Not because some magazine says so
Some clothing brand advertises
Or some celebrity influences
It’s time to make decisions for ourselves
On how it’s gonna be for us
And who and how much will affect us
We is plural
We is collective
We has no name or face or sound
We isn’t a general group
We is anyone and everyone that has troubles
Troubles that make us shy away and cower in fear
Not fear of what has happened but what’s to come
We fear our future because it is the unknown

~”Just a product of the WE everybody needs” – Imani Elliott

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