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The Captive Maiden: Book Review

The Captive Maiden: Book Review

The Captive Maiden
By Melanie Dickerson

We’ve all heard the story of Cinderella, and probably watched more versions of the movie than should be humanly possible. But when you open up The Captive Maiden, you find a completely new take on our beloved classic.

Gisela leads the life of a sweet, young lady in the early 1400s with her father and her horses. That is until her father mysteriously marries and dies in one chapter. You know the drill; horrible stepmom, ugly step sisters, and servitude to both. What makes this story different, is not only the setting but the twists and turns of this well-known fantasy.

Valten plays our “prince” as the son of a duke; he’s chiseled, and Gisela is taken by his rough, yet seemingly layered appearance. He is holding a jousting tournament for all to see, and Gisela must find a way to attend if only to get a small taste of the life she’s only dreamed of.

As you follow Gisela through her story, you find her to be kind spirited, strong willed and determined that no one will stand in the way of Love. The danger is amidst though, as Gisela’s step family realize she might actually have a shot at winning Valten’s heart.

What is going to happen in this retelling of Cinderella? You’re usual happy ever after?

Read to find out!


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