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Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer

In spring break’s fleeting, blissful wake,
A prelude to summer’s grand estate,
A taste of warmth, of sun’s caress,
A glimpse into summer’s sweet largess.

The days grow long, the sun climbs high,
A blue canvas stretches wide the sky,
Each ray of light, a promise made,
Of endless days in shade and glade.

The air, once crisp, now softens slow,
A gentle breeze begins to blow,
Carrying scents of bloom and earth,
Foretelling summer’s vibrant birth.

In laughter shared by sea’s embrace,
In every sun-kissed face,
Lies the promise of days to come,
Under the reign of the golden sun.

Ice melts in glasses, clinking clear,
Echoes of summer’s cheer,
A preview in each sip and taste,
Of slower times, none go to waste.

The freedom felt, so vast, so deep,
A treasure that we wish to keep,
Reminds us of what summer brings,
Infinite possibilities on open wings.

So let us cherish spring’s sweet break,
A sample of summer, for our sake,
A reminder that no matter the season,
The warmth of the sun is always the reason.


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