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    5 Ways to Cope with Being a Spring Athlete

    It is very easy to get caught up in an activity, like a sport, that you simply do not want to put any energy into anything other than your activity of choice.  For example, this is my senior season of soccer, and I am the captain of my soccer team this year.  I have felt more pressure than ever to always be at practice, get there early, stay late, help the other girls, and always be practicing at home.  Over the years, I have found myself struggling to find motivation to do anything other than my sport in the spring.  However, there is still standardized testing, grades, and simply the woes and pressures of being a high schooler.  I thought up a list of things I do commonly to ensure that I am preparing well for my AP and IB tests, keeping up with my sport, keeping up with my grades, and staying in touch with my friends.  



    I understand as well as anyone that procrastination is very easy to slip into.

     When a deadline is more than a week away, I know I have the tendency to just 

    put it off and put it off until I can’t put it off anymore.  By the time I realize the due 

    date of the assignment, it is too late, and I feel too overwhelmed and do not want 

    to complete the assignment.  I have found that doing assignments as they are 

    assigned has allowed me the opportunity to spend more time doing things that 

    enjoy, like soccer!  It doesn’t lessen the amount of time that I spend doing the 

    assignment, but also doesn’t overwhelm me to the point where I feel like I can’t 

    participate in my sport.  Also doing assignments as they are assigned means no 

    missing assignments and better grades!  

    2.   SET GOALS! 

       I find that this tip works year round and for anything you can imagine.  Setting 

    goals that are reasonable, reachable goals are more helpful than you would 

    think.  For example, I set daily goals for my school work, my personal health, and 

    soccer!  My soccer goal is to make 25 saves at every practice (I am a goalie).  

    My personal goal usually involves either organizing one item in my room, doing a 

    face mask, taking an extra long shower, or spending time with my family and 

    pets!  My school work goal is almost always to use the time while I’m in school 

    effectively. If I use the time in school to my advantage and do my homework 

    whenever I have down time, I find that I can spend more time at practice or more 

    time relaxing after practice.  Setting an easy reachable goal puts you in the 

    mindset that you can do anything, this mindset is very important to maintain 

    throughout your life!  


    Keeping your workspace organized for school or keeping your room organized 

    can help you maintain a positive mindset.  This one is the most important to me. 

     I have realized over the years that I do not do as well as practice or at school if 

    behind closed doors I am a mess.  I find that keeping my desk organized, making 

    my bed, and having a clean closet help me separate my anxieties from the actual 

    problems I have to face.  This one will differ from person to person, but I enjoy 

    feeling in control and staying organized helps me feel in control.  


    For me, I display all of the uniforms for this season!  I find that displaying my 

    uniforms makes me work harder to be able to wear them!  Keeping up eligibility 

    and working hard to maintain your position is incredibly important.  My uniforms 

    remind me why I play soccer, the feeling I get when me and my team take the 

    field, and the reason why I keep playing a team sport.  Although your uniforms 

    may not be your item of motivation, having something you can look at as you 

    work throughout the day helps keep what you love to do in the back of your mind

    .  If you don’t love what you do, then there is no need to worry about it!  Keep 

    focused on what you love and what matters to you!      


    Playing the sport that I play and the position that I play, require me to keep my 

    mind clear of anything else when I take the field.  I know I am not the only one in 

    the world that feels immense pressure when I am about to play a game.  

    Although I feel the weight of my entire team, they always remind me that they 

    have my backs anytime I need them.  Whether that is in practice, in a game, or 

    while I’m doing school work!  My position requires a very specific mindset, I have 

    to do what I have to do to maintain that.  Understand that every person requires 

    different maintenance to keep a healthy mindset for them.  What works for me 

    may not work for you.  


    Although participating in a sport at any time of the year is difficult, I understand the pressures of being both a spring and fall athlete.  Being a spring athlete is very difficult because the second semester is when expectations are heightened and curriculums get harder.  No matter what sport or activity you’re involved in, love what you do.  You only get so much time in high school, middle school, and college, so why do something you don’t love.  You never know when your last season is going to be, for me it’s this year.  My last season in the sport that has been my passion for so many years is such a bittersweet moment.  My teams, my coaches, my family, and everyone who has been involved in my life along the way are always in my mind when I’m playing.  I know the moment I take the field for the last time,  I will have accomplished so much.  Being an athlete is not just physically taxing.  Every athlete has to face the mental and emotional obstacles that are involved with being an athlete.  So, love what you do and do what you love!