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    Psychological Effect of Color


    Republished March 2020

    Do you ever see a bright and vibrant plant in a garden and feel a sudden rush happiness? Maybe instead, you walk into a bright green room and feel a heavy envious tug on your heart. No matter the place or emotion, colors have the baffling psychological ability to morph our emotions. From red, blue, orange, and green, all colors serve a trigger to certain feelings or emotions. Here is a list of colors and the corresponding emotions they stir up in order to organize your life by the colors that represent it.

    • RED: A color closely associated with romantic feelings, especially the feeling of love. In addition, red serves as a symbol of excitement.  
    • ORANGE: A color that also brings on feelings of excitement. It also invokes the need for attention.
    • YELLOW: A color that envelops the viewer in feelings of warmth and energy.
    • GREEN: A color associated with intense feelings of greed and jealousy.
    • BLACK: A color that precipitates unhappiness, sorrow, and stands as a universal symbol of evil.
    • BLUE: A color that revolves around feelings of serenity and sadness. In addition, sky blue can be used to reduce anxiety.
    • PURPLE: A color that exudes mystery, the need for relaxation, and universal wisdom.

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