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    The Reality of Senior Year Prom

    senior year prom

    The Perfect Start to the Perfect High School Ending

    After three strenuous processes of picking the perfect dress, obsessing over nail polish color and an excessive amount of hours spent laboring over hair and makeup, I wasn’t exactly excited for senior year prom. I had a boyfriend (a.k.a. An unspoken prom date), a beautiful dress and a great group of friends to go with. I was even on the prom court, yet I couldn’t help but feel like the night would be a let-down. 

    Going into the night with an abnormal perspective on my last prom ever, I don’t think I could’ve been proven more wrong. It wasn’t a perfect night by any means, but it was the perfect representation of my high school experience. It was the perfect ending of it all.

    The Night Begins

    Two of my best friends, our dates and I took pictures and ate dinner hours before the dance. With a storm creeping in on us, we were pressed for time. With any normal group of people, this would produce stressed and rigid-looking photos. But it caused our inhibitions to fall away, resulting in pictures that perfectly expressed our goofy and carefree personalities. I don’t know about you, but I feel like prom pictures could always be improved– not this year. 

    We went to dinner at a steakhouse, per the boys’ request. After a secret meeting with the girls, we decided steak wasn’t the way to go for this special night. Following detailed, complex orders of steak and potatoes, the girls all asked for the same dish: chicken fingers and french fries. After all, this is senior year prom… might as well enjoy your final meal, right? 

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    Actually Getting to the Dance

    After our fancy meal, we were finally en route to the dance. Arriving fashionably late, to our surprise, we actually walked into a room full of people dancing. Yeah, I know, it’s prom and people are supposed to dance. Realistically, the different friend groups are lining the walls, having conversations, or getting something to drink. We decided to take advantage of this unexpected situation, coming at the dance floor in full force. 

    After hours of dancing and watching my date compete in dance battles, something unforeseen (but completely justifiable due to the way the night was going) happened to me: I became extremely light-headed. Seriously, I felt like I was going to pass out. I darted outside, conveniently and unfortunately, at the same time as the prom king and queen were being announced. Due to my absence, I held up the photographs and dance for the prom court; after all, there were only eight of us– my absence was noticed.

    After recovering from my brief complication, I sucked it up and went back to the dance floor, allowing the rest of the prom festivities to commence. We worked up a sweat, wrapping up the bizarre night in the best way we knew how.

    Expectations and Why My Prom Exceeded Them

     Most girls expect prom, especially their senior year, to be a magical, perfect night. However, in my case, I was prepared for the worst. In an unexpected turn of events, my night ended up somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t flawless by any means, but in midst of all the problems, the result was an incomparable end to my high school experience: not everything went as planned in those four years, but with the right people by my side, even the less-than-ideal situations turned into lifelong memories. 

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