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    Thirteen Ways to Say I Love You

    i. calling you

    in the morning

    to start our day



    ii. holding your hand

    as if it is

    the only thing

    keeping me from

    floating away


    iii. crying when

    you are with me-


    iv. wiping tears

    off your cheeks

    when i am not

    the one



    v. playing you 

    a song


    vi./and turning

    the volume down/


    vii. do you like

    this outfit?


    viii. bringing you 

    things i bake

    in plastic containers 

    and letting you

    wash them when

    they are empty


    ix. coming over

    for a hug


    x. sneaking glances 

    in class-

    the hallway-

    the car



    xi. running my fingers

    through your hair,

    holding all

    my favorite parts of you



    xii. asking if

    you will drive

    just so i 

    can watch you


    xiii. tired eyes

    when we’re


    because i can’t bear

    to let this





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