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    Growing Up with 2 Older Brothers

    older brothers

    It was Very Crazy…

    I attribute a lot of my personality to growing up with brothers. They drove me crazy when I was younger, and sometimes they still do, but I’m thankful for everything they’ve taught me. Whether they realize it or not.

    Pressley, born in 1990, is the oldest. He is a great storyteller, because he can make anything hysterical. Pressley loves to be outside and will eat pretty much anything. He loves Clemson football and gives the best hugs in the world.

    Jeremy, born in 2000, is the middle child. He is witty and extremely stylish. He loves history and is obsessed with cars. I was born in 2002 so I’m the baby, but they never treated me differently. Just the three of us, trying to have fun and figure out life.

    The craziness at our house was never-ending. One time, Pressley built Jeremy a bike ramp in the back yard. It definitely was not stable. Then, Pressley somehow got that same bike stuck in a tree. Another day, Pressley threatened to flush my hermit crabs down the toilet, because I stole his hat. Maybe he was slightly overreacting. A few years later, Jeremy convinced me to jump out of our treehouse using a trash bag as a parachute. I was skeptical, but he landed safely so I thought I would too. However, he didn’t remind me to unfold the bag before I jumped. Needless to say, I hit the ground so hard I couldn’t breathe. Not my finest moment. They would always make sure I felt included, and often times would join me in whatever I wanted to do. They always make sure I know how proud they are.

    But I Wouldn’t Change it for Anything

    Looking back on my childhood makes me laugh. How did our parents not lose their minds living in the zoo we created? Growing up alongside Pressley and Jeremy is the main reason I am the way I am.  My brothers made me tough, strong, and taught me to be a fighter. Everything was a competition, nerf war was a HUGE deal, so I learned to push myself. I wanted to win.

    Because of my relationships with my brothers, I know never to settle in any type of relationship. They always make me feel protected and respected. They taught me not to be easily intimidated, that it’s okay to be intimidating and to stand my ground. I know to make sure my voice is heard, even if I have to be louder than everyone else. We show that people don’t have to agree on every single thing, in order to get along. I am extremely thankful for Pressley and Jeremy and what they’ve passed on to me, especially the comfortable sweatshirts.

    Many of my friends have said “you should be glad you don’t have a sister” and I am. I have my brothers, and they are all I’ll ever need. They are my most honest critics and my biggest supporters. They both mean everything to me. I’ve watched them grow up into incredible, hilarious, and caring people and I couldn’t be prouder.

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