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    8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

    Originally published May 2023; updated May 2024

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s important to plan ahead for the special occasion! Whether it be an arts and crafts activity or a long walk around the park, showing gratitude for our mothers is a great way to acknowledge their love, support, and influential roles in shaping lives. Listed below are eight perfect activities to display your appreciation this May 14th! 


    1. Create a Personal Gift Basket

      • Prepare a basket filled with special items dedicated to your mother’s interests and hobbies. Try to make each item personalized and meaningful, but also feel free to add in some extras! In my baskets, I like to include pictures for memories, candy, and confetti straws.
    2. Surprise Outdoor Activity

      • Organize a day to help your mother relax at her favorite outdoor spots! This can include going to a museum, shopping center, park, or any other location she finds fun and appealing.
    3. A Piece of Writing

      • One of the easiest ways to express your gratitude is through writing. Create a heartfelt poem or letter for your mother, and be sure to include specific details that are unique to the relationship each of you share. Additionally, try to make the poem or letter proper in length!
    4. Create a Photobook

      • For those of us who are more interested in art rather than writing, creating a scrapbook or photobook is the perfect way to show our love through creation. Compile some of the best photos that remind you of your mother, including photos of the family together! 
    5. Self-Care Day

      • Mothers are known for being hardworking both inside and outside of the household, so it’s important to let them take a day off of work! Treat her to a spa day with treatments including facials, massages, or a relaxing manicure.
    6. Picnic

      • Have your family prepare a picnic brunch for your mother especially if the weather is nice and sunny. Make sure to pack some of her favorite foods and snacks, and make sure to enjoy celebrating! 
    7. Watching Shows/Movie Night

      • One of the most classic ways of celebrating Mother’s Day is by watching her favorite films or TV shows. Prepare a bowl of popcorn and some other treats before the night begins! 
    8. Spending Quality Time

      • Ultimately, the purpose of Mother’s Day is fulfilled through spending quality time with your mother figure. The activities listed above are meant for inspiration, however, any mother would feel just as appreciated with proper attention given to them on their special day.


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