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    A Friendship 4,000 Miles Apart


    Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About These?

    Whether you have listened to a friend or family member talk about their experiences or have personally dealt with this difficult situation, we’re all well aware of the struggles that come with long-distance relationships. They seem like an overused movie plot or a daily topic of conversation, but why is there never any talk of long-distance friendships?

    I’m currently a junior in college; I’ve had the same group of friends for the past three years, and in that short time, I’ve developed a stronger-than-expected bond. I don’t know how I’ve survived up to this point without them, but I can confidently say they’ll be sticking around for years to come. 

    I’m with this group of individuals day and night, seven days a week. The three months of summer that used to feel so brief in high school are elongated, each day without my best friends feeling slower than the next. When you’re with your friends 24/7, they begin to feel like family. 

    My Own Long Distance Friendship

    This past semester has been especially hard for me. My best friend, the one person I know I can trust with anything and everything, is studying abroad in Spain. I truly didn’t think spending a few months without her would be a big deal, but the six-hour time difference and lack of cellular connection has really begun to take a toll. 

    But that’s the thing about best friends– no matter how many miles are in between you, no matter how many days pass by before you can have a conversation, you’ll always pick up right back where you left off. True friendships doesn’t fade after a few missed calls. 

    My best friend and I have been on opposite schedules for a few weeks now; whenever I finished my midterm exams, hers were just beginning. When I go home after a long day of classes, she’s already been asleep for hours. Whenever I have a not-so-busy week, she’s traveling to Rome or Paris. 

    While it’s not an ideal situation, it’s comforting, in a way. Seeing your best friend living her best life, making memories that will last forever is an amazing feeling. No matter how much you miss her, no matter how much you wish you were there, the happiness you feel for her is overwhelming. And knowing your friendship can remain solid if not grow stronger, despite 4,000+ miles makes you feel lucky you’ve found something so great.

    Long-distance friendships are exhausting and even disheartening, at times. But when you’ve found a bond that survives, and even thrives, under these circumstances– that’s when you know you’ve found your best friend for life. 

    Long-Distance Friendships can work! Don’t believe me? Check out Aubrey’s story.