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    Girls Night – Tips for the Ultimate Sleepover!

    pic of girls at a club

    In need of some girl time? Here are some tips on planning your next girl’s night.

    The holidays and the end of the year are slowly approaching and what better way to spend them than with friends and family. Spending time with friends is a great way to relieve stress from school and upcoming exams and it’s just a great time overall. Take a break from life and have a girl’s night with all your besties and just enjoy their company.

    Here are a bunch of cute ideas of things to do at your girl’s night this holiday season!

    Pajama Party Fashion Show

    Many stores sell matching pajamas that you can buy, and recently Old Navy has had theirs on sale. Wearing matching pajamas is a cute way to start off your girl’s night. They create a sense of belonging between you and your friends. They also make for cute pictures that you can take with your friends throughout the night.

    Snack Attack!

    Everyone loves cookies right? So why not make them with your best friends? Find a cute little cookie recipe off the internet like this one, (or Pinterest has plenty) and bake! Once they’re done you can decorate how you want. It may be difficult but that’s what makes it fun. Being able to say you and your friends baked and decorated your own cookies is a big accomplishment. Enjoy the company and the cookies. 

    Get Crafty

    There are many different types of crafts that you can do with your friends during girl’s night. One thing is to make matching friendship bracelets to show off. There are plenty of designs and tutorials online that you can follow to make these bracelets. Having matching bracelets is a cute way to show off your friendship and a good way to remember that there is always someone there for you. You can also make gingerbread houses together to keep with the style of the holidays. Decorating gingerbread houses expresses your creativity and is a great way to have a good life. You may not have the best house but that’s the fun part. Being able to put icing and candies on a gingerbread house and being able to say you created it. 

    Skin Care & Chill

    Skin care is a large part of most girls life so why not do it with your friends too? Face masks are a good way to clear up your skin and can be really fun. It can be messy but that adds to the fun. Laughing with your friends about the mess you all made together and cleaning it up may not seem fun but once you all get to laughing it will be hard to stop. You can also swap you skin care routine with your friends to see if it helps their skin too and you can try one of your friends routine. While this can be fun and cause it good laugh it can also be very calming and be a good way for you all to just sit back and relax for a little bit.

    Chick Flix

    Being able to curl up with a good movie and a fuzzy blanket is a great way to end your girls night. You can pick any movie you want, a movie you have all seen a hundred times or a movie that none of you have ever seen. It could be a cute Christmas movie to go with the holidays or a TV show that you all love, it doesn’t matter. Whatever movie or show brings joy to all of you, put it on and watch. This is the perfect way to end the night with your girls!