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    a mantra for the broken


    you are broken


    but it is not this

    brokenness that

    becomes you

    rather it is what you do

    with the parts left

    inside your soul

    that determines 

    what you



    so use this time

    for becoming-


    listen to music not because

    you love it but

    because you are



    write words on 

    torn paper to

    make sense of your feelings when

    what you feel doesn’t make



    daydream not 

    for hopelessness’s sake but

    for the sake of replacing

    the nightmares you have

    convinced yourself are



    grow, not

    in spite of the storm but

    because of the rain

    the storm brings


    let this lost period

    nurture you,

    sit with the seeds that

    are too ambitious for

    your apprehension and

    make friends with dreams

    far loftier than your

    place on the ground


    because this is how you climb.


    nothing in your life has

    trained you for this

    yet at the same time

    it is only

    your past experiences

    that make this journey



    your past is what makes you



    this growth makes the future



    don’t give up 

    on what is still