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    To Harness the Wind


    i always fear

    what people might say

    when they find out i’m

    a poet


    -the world tends to have

    trouble when the

    real mixes with

    an unexpected dose of



    to many i am like

    a banyan tree


    rooted and secure,

    certain of the path i walk and

    unwavering in my pursuit of

    that which i know


    but in reality i am

    the wind that blows through it.


    i twist and i move,

    making things bend and

    changing direction when

    something calls my name


    and i’m not sure of

    what the world would

    think of that.


    an inconsistent writer in

    a stubbornly immobile world


    so i resign my life to

    pen and paper,


    shield my personality behind

    moleskine journals and

    composition notebooks

    i share sparingly and

    read copiously, 

    delving into stories more

    realistic than i and

    allowing myself to explore

    the unthinkable 


    and maybe i could 

    be braver,

    escape the invisible window

    that separates me from

    the rest of the world, 

    speak my truth as confidently 

    as i do my order at

    a coffee shop


    but i am finding comfort

    in the wind


    i see rainbows in

    muddy puddles,

    wear soft socks on

    rocky ground


    drink tea in 

    unusual places,

    carry a book

    whenever i go,

    drive under the speed limit

    to make sure i don’t miss

    the view


    ,and right now

    that is okay.


    if all you can do

    is all you can do

    then maybe all you can do

    is enough.


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