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    What Your Birthstone Says About You

    blue gemstone ring in ring box

    Birthstones have been used throughout time to prevent illness, bring protection, and encourage virtues. A birthstone is associated with your month of birth and you may discover a birthstone for your Western astrological sign. For example, the birthstone of the Capricorn zodiac sign is the garnet, as the Capricorns are born between December 22nd and January 19th. Accordingly, the birthstone of a Leo is Peridot, as this is the August stone. Astrologers thought that each birthstone bestowed healing powers or provided protection from bad on those born in each month.

    Considering these benefits of birthstones, it might be important to know which birthstone belongs to you! Understanding what your birthstone means can help you get to know yourself better as well!

    The January Stone: Garnet

    The garnet stone is often used to represent romantic and physical love. Because of its ties to great romantic partners, aristocrats and royalty often wore the stone. This led to the connection between garnets and the rich. The stone attracted the wealthy due to its symbolism and its beautiful colors. 

    Those born in the month of the garnet are considered to be loyal friends and partners. This is tied to the romantic nature that the stone holds. And because the stone is highly favored by the wealthy, those who are tied to the stone are considered to be ambitious.

    Wearing this stone can make you feel smarter, healthier, and even bring more energy! 

    The February Stone: Amethyst

    The amethyst stone represents stability and peace. This causes the stone to bring protection against physical ailments. Pains like headaches and arthritis are just some of the aches that amethyst protects against.

    Those born in the month of amethyst are said to be creative and artistic. The stone itself is often seen to be either a light purple color or a dark purple. Because it is two-toned, people born in its month are viewed as multi-talented. Amethyst is also linked to courage and honesty! You’re the friend that will always tell the truth and is always ready for an adventure.

    Wearing this stone can bring protection against diseases, evil, and intoxication.

    The March Stone: Aquamarine

    The aquamarine stone promotes serenity and relaxation. This causes the stone to be useful during mediation and helps its holder find their inner truth.

    Those born in the month of aquamarine are considered to be close to their families. They also prefer peace over violence, and silence over noise. If this is your birthstone, you probably possess a calm mind!

    Wearing this stone is said to prevent anxiety and depression. It also is meant to bring luck and happiness to its wearers!

    The April Stone: Diamond

    A diamond is a symbol of both purity and invincibility. If the holder of a diamond is interested in discovering their spiritual destiny, then they’re in luck! Diamonds help with stepping into your destiny.

    Those born in the month of the diamond are associated with both strength and love. Diamonds are the hardest-occurring substance in the world. Because of this, diamonds are representations of both strength and eternal love. Those born in April have strong characters and romantic tendencies.

    Those who wear diamonds are encouraging good luck and strong foundations. This is why it is the typical stone of choice for wedding bands!

    The May Stone: Emerald

    The emerald stone represents inspiration and never-ending patience. Its glowing green color made it a favorite of royalty in the past, giving the stone an association with the divine. 

    Those born in the month of the emerald are intelligent and intuitive. They are quick to ask questions, as well as quick to give sarcastic answers. Needless to say, those born in May are fun conversationalists!

    Because the emerald is associated with rebirth, it is also used to promote fertility. If someone wanted to start a family, it’s a great stone to have around!

    The June Stone: Pearl

    The pearl can help increase the mind’s strength and increase memory. Because it works in helping the mind, it can also help control unwanted emotions. Emotions like anger are better contained with the pearl.

    Because the pearl is the only birthstone to come from a living creature, those born in its month have natural maternal instincts. They are patient and caring, with strong minds! Thoughtfulness is their strongest trait, making those around them desire to hear what they have to say.

    Pearls naturally relieve anxiety as well as provide protection over one’s life. They can also give their wearer good health and luck in their endeavors.

    The July Stone: Ruby

    The ruby increases strength and vigor. The stone is often associated with royalty due to its desired dark color and natural beauty. It signifies both love and passion.

    Those born in the month of the ruby are known to seek power while radiating charisma. This could be due to the historical connection between this stone and the powers of the sun. Those connected to the ruby also burn bright, holding a lot of courage and work ethic!

    Rubies are known to ward off evil. Their connection to royalty and the sun makes them opposites of anything dark. If someone wanted to bring more light into their life, then rubies are a great stone to wear. 

    The August Stone: Peridot 

    The peridot encourages harmony and compassion. Prosperity in workplaces, school environments, and even in relationships are increased in the presence of this stone. 

    Those born in the month of the peridot are said to be fun-loving and lively. They are not only the person you want at the party but also the person you want around when things go bad. Those born under this stone are great listeners. The peridot is the enemy of negativity, making those related to the stone encouragers of positive thinking.

    Peridot can be used to keep nightmares away as well as make its wearer feel outgoing and enthusiastic. 

    The September Stone: Sapphire 

    The sapphire is known for its calming nature. This nature encourages psychic protection as well as makes the stone into a symbol of wisdom. It is helpful during both meditation and conflict-resolution. 

    Those born in the month of the sapphire are known to be strong of will and mental prowess. They could be a teacher’s pet due to their strive for honesty and their inquisitive nature. It would be difficult to catch someone born under the sapphire crying, for they don’t show their emotions unless they desire to.

    Sapphires can protect against both poisoning and evil. It is also said that those who wear it will have an increase in beauty.

    The October Stone: Opal 

    The opal stone can encourage inspiration and enhance imagination. Creativity is prospered under this stone. Projects, life choices, and relationships are all enhanced under the opal.

    Those born under the opal are positive thinkers. Their smiles are contagious and their attitude is contagious to those around them. Those born in October have the power to change the world. Between their intelligence, their positivity, and their general kindness, everyone wants to be like them!

    Opals protect against curses, evil spells, and bad luck.

    The November Stone: Topaz

    Topaz is used to bring manifestations into reality. It can help someone set their intentions into place as well as provide the confidence to make things happen.

    Those born in the month of topaz are known to be fair and just people. While those born under topaz are considered to be very friendly, they are far from weak. They have high intelligence and ambition, often making their goals into reality whenever they get the chance. 

    Those who wear topaz are able to increase their strength and intelligence. It also fulfills the wearer’s desires and brings them good luck!

    The December Stone: Turquoise 

    Turquoise is the stone of love and calmness. It promotes truth and grounding. 

    Those who are born under the month of turquoise are said to be ambitious and determined in getting what they desire. The stone symbolizes success and good fortune, making those born in December likely to achieve their dreams!

    Turquoise can both relax the mind of the wearer, and release toxins that are in their bodies. It increases tranquility and peace within one’s spirit.

    Read up on the history of each birthstone at the American Gem Society, or take this GirlSpring quiz to find out your zodiac sign!