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    Meet Ava Morse, An Inspiring Teen Star!

    Ava Morse

    Meet Ava Morse!

    We are always on the lookout for new talent! Check out Ava Morse, a 14-year old rising star. She carries incredibly strong vocals and had an undeniable timber to her sound.

    Ava Morse

    Pop singer, Ava Morse, launched her music career in 2018 with her original debut EP ‘Close My Eyes.’ It features six original songs with lyrics and melodies written entirely by Morse. Morse has built a loyal fan base in such a short amount of time. However, it’s no surprise with her song lyrics about positivity, confidence and how to navigate a digital social world.

    Miss Morse is a true triple threat of talent! She trains in dance and privately with her vocal and acting coaches. In addition to, Ava enjoys cooking, volleyball, reading and writing stories. Her fearless attitude and creative energy always has her trying new things and reaching for her dreams.

    White Space

    White Space takes the listener on a journey exploring the impact of social media on Generation Z. As teens lives play out on social media, there is pressure to be perfect and show only the good side of life. Meanwhile, hiding behind the screen of anonymity are the bullies who thrive on putting others down to lift themselves up. The lyrics suggest a time when a friend whom was thought to be beyond the false imagery of social media influences was not.

    Produced by Daniel Martin and Devin Rodarte, ‘White Space’ captures listener’s emotions and articulates her feelings through music.