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Strands of Strength: Unveiling Essential Nutrients for Hair Health

If you have noticed your hair starting to thin or fall out, you probably have investigated some hair loss supplements that could help. However, hair loss has many causes, and you can help prevent additional loss and reverse its effects in a few different ways. Consider these methods as you search for your solution.

Building Blocks for Strength: Introducing Hair Loss Vitamins

To increase hair growth and stop shedding, your hair needs specific nutrients and vitamins. You can get some of these from supplements. For example, vitamin B7, or biotin, encourages your body to produce keratin. This nutrient is important for follicle growth. Vitamin A also keeps your follicles and hair healthy by producing the oils that moisturize your scalp.

Vitamin D prevents hair loss and shedding as well. Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for your hair because it fights free radicals, which can damage your hair. It also balances your electrons and encourages collagen production, preventing hair graying. This vitamin also helps your body absorb iron, which encourages hair growth.

Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant. Iron promotes hemoglobin production in your red blood cells. This protein takes oxygen throughout your body, repairing your cells and encouraging their growth. Zinc also helps your hair because it works with the oil in your hair follicles. Saw palmetto and niacin are other common ingredients.

Hair Serum for Hair Growth & Shine

Hair serums also promote hair growth. When you research hair serum for hair growth, look for those with minoxidil or an alternative if you cannot tolerate it. Finasteride is another common ingredient in these serums. Other serums have procapil and redensyl. Rosemary, coconut, argan, olive and castor oil as well as biotin, caffeine, keratin and peptides may also promote hair loss and reduce breakage or shedding. Antifungals, such as those found in dandruff shampoos, also help.

Before you apply these serums to your head, test them on a small patch of your skin to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Make sure you start with clean hair, but make sure your hair and scalp are completely dry. Divide your hair into sections and apply the serum directly to your scalp. Then, massage it in.

Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Your diet can also improve your hair growth. For example, consume adequate water. In addition, eggs provide your body with the protein and biotin it needs to improve your hair follicles. Consume spinach and leafy greens, which are high in vitamins A and C as well as iron and folate. Berries encourage collagen production and act as antioxidants that fight follicle damage and free radicals.

Avocados have Vitamin E in addition to healthy fats, and fish provide both protein and fatty acids. Sweet potatoes have beta-carotene, which becomes vitamin A. Seeds and nuts give your body vitamins E and B, zinc, selenium and healthy fats. Peppers have vitamins A and C, giving your hair strength.

Soybeans have spermidine, which encourages hair growth, and beans give you healthy proteins and zinc. Finally, meats, particularly red meat, give your body protein and iron.

As you consult with a dermatologist to find the underlying cause of your hair loss, research other options, such as vitamin C cream or serum, that can help reverse the process.


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