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In a world where blooms and hope unite,
Amidst the laughter, hides a fight,
A tale of girlhood, laced with spring,
Yet beneath, a deeper story sings.

For every step on dew-kissed grass,
Reflects the trials all women pass,
In whispers soft and storms that rage,
Their strength is penned on history’s page.

The struggle woven through the breeze,
As sturdy as the ancient trees,
For rights, for respect, and for their voice,
In every moment, a daring choice.

Yet, with each challenge, they rise anew,
Like flowers strong that break through dew,
Their resilience, a radiant beam,
Fueling every hope and dream.

For every girl who dreams at night,
Underneath the moon’s soft light,
Carries the legacy of those before,
Who fought that she might dream more.

In every petal, every leaf,
Lies a story of joy and grief,
A balance struck with tender care,
A testament of how much they dare.

So let’s remember, as seasons change,
The battles fought, both small and strange,
For girlhood’s spring is not just bliss,
But a chapter in a longer missive.

A tribute to the strength within,
The silent battles, fought to win,
May every girl, in every land,
Hold not just spring, but courage in her hand.

As seasons turn from bright to gray,
The spirit of struggle won’t fade away,
For in the heart of every woman, lies,
The power of spring, under winter skies.


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