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Spring Break: Quarantine Edition


Updated March 29, 2021. The restrictions have loosened up a little, but many of us are still at home!

This year, Spring Break has transformed into self-quarantine. Although this is far from ideal, we have no option but to do the best with what we have. Additionally, it is very important to adhere to social distancing and self-quarantining as advised by the CDC and World Health Organization. So, while we have this time at home, here are a few examples of how to spend it.

How to Spring Break the Quarantine Way

Fall in love with a new podcast

Regardless of the mood you are in, there is a podcast to fit. Browse the most recent or popular on your podcast app, or do a search for the type of podcast you feel like listening to.

Get lost in a book

It is easy to get away from the habit of wanting to read. However, once you finish the first page of a great book, it only gets easier from there. Reading is a great way to escape, learn, and relate.

Binge Watch


A countless amount of television content is available to us. Failing to find something to watch is almost impossible these days. Sink in to the couch and kick your feet up!

Get Crafty

The great thing about creating art is that there are no rules. Therefore, you have full reign over your projects. Go crazy, try something new, and don’t be afraid to fail. Simply because you can’t.

Do a closet clean-out!

Take a look at your closet. If you need more space, try to minimize the amount of clothing you have but don’t use. When sorting through your clothes, ask yourself which items give you joy. There are many people who could use the items you no longer want.

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