Smile More, Complain Less

Smile More, Complain Less

How Smiling More Can Benefit You

What happens to those who always complain:

Those who regularly complain and drown in negativity tend to make excuses for themselves. Their negativity often keeps them from moving forward in life and accomplishing their goals. They never find happiness because of their constant negative outlook on life. They are never entirely thankful because they can always find something wrong with every situation. Their complaining goes beyond what is normal, so it can be difficult to be around them. Not only do they create negativity in their own lives, but they bring down those around them. At times, they can not only be pessimistic but also narcissistic. They often think they are not the ones who are negative, but the world around them is. Those who are chronic complainers will never live the best life they can; they will always keep themselves from true happiness.

What happens to those who complain less and instead, smile more:

Those who smile more are not only happier people, but they are physically healthier than those who do not smile as often. Smiling actually boosts one’s immune system and helps protect the body from sickness and disease. Not only does smiling and positivity makes one healthier by boosting one’s immune system, but it also lowers their blood pressure. Smiling does this by relieving stress and forcing your body to relax. Those who smile more often also tend to be more successful. They tend to not only be more motivated, but it has been proven that employers tend to promote those who smile more. One could even assume that people who smile more tend to make more money. Smiling also has a lot to do with one’s attractiveness. It has been found that smiling does not only make one more attractive in general, but it makes you more attractive than makeup does (even though we don’t have to wear makeup to be beautiful).

So, if you find yourself wanting to be happier, healthier, less stressed, more successful, and possibly more attractive, then just keep this one simple thing in mind: Smile more, and complain less.

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