(S)heros: Kristin Beck and Cate McGregor

Kristin Beck and Cate McGregor are two inspiring women for women and girls around the world.

These two women inspire me with the bravery that they have shown through their actions of serving in the military and coming out as transgender in an unaccepting world. Kristin Beck served as a US Navy Seal, while Cate McGregor served for the Australian Defense Force and the Australian Air Force. Both of these women had many accomplishments during their time serving in the military. Kristin Beck served for twenty years and won a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and twentyseven other metals. Cate McGregor also won many awards including Queenslander of the Year, and also became the highest ranked transgender officer.

In light of recent events with Donald Trump’s opinions about transgender people serving in the military, these women both spoke out. Kristin Beck said “Let’s meet face to face and you tell me I’m not worthy” and also stated “Transgender doesn’t matter. Do your service.” While, Cate McGregor said “Coming from someone who has never served, and who disparaged [John] McCain’s heroism , you can see it for what it is” and also said “Why should we be surprised? This is a guy who vilified a Gold Star Family and didn’t have the decency to apologise, a man who has never spent a day in uniform.” These women inspire others with their bravery, and also serve as examples of why transgender people should always be able to serve in the military. Both of these women accomplished many things while serving in the military, which shows that a person being transgender has no effect on their service in the military. Their accomplishments in the military also show young girls that they can enter into any career they want to.

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