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Self Care & Dealing with Family During Quarantine

During this stressful time in quarantine we are forgetting how to take care of ourselves. The reason is, some of us are built up inside from school work or worrying about others. Well, there is no need to stress, just know there are ways for you to take care of yourself without stressing.

Such as:

  • Take a walk
  • Eat meals when time too
  • Catch up with a friend (Facetime, Skype, or Zoom)
  • Cuddle with your pet
  • Or even read a very good book

These are just a few I thought of. There are many more things for you to do in order for you to stay safe and healthy as we are stuck in quarantine. 

As well as being stuck in your house all day, take a walk with your family or pet. Most of us are with our siblings 24/7 non stop. Ways to deal with family during this time is simply just playing or even having a family game night. Ways to deal with your family can be simply just taking a walk or even talking. There is no need for you or anyone to stress or get frustrated with family and siblings. All we and you need to know is that you are loved and everything will be ok. Dealing with self care and family is a hard task but we can all get through this together. I hope that after you see what you are made of and people out there who are fine and healthy know as well.

I wanted to share a couple of ways you can deal with things such as stress and family. 

  • Take deep breaths
  • Calm yourself
  • Talk with a parent about how you are feeling
  • Take you pet on a walk
  • Talk to a friend over the phone
  • Or even just take a peaceful walk by yourself

I wanted to share a couple of ways that help me and one of them is relaxing. DO NOT stress! There is no need for you to feel that way. Know that you are beautiful and perfect in every way. We got this! Stay Stress-free and have fun with your family!

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