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drawing of mushrooms

I’ve always thought about the direct relationship between the physical world and a person’s mental state. Through the mind we can create things like art, music, or writings that convey our feelings or what we’re thinking. By comparing a scientific occurrence and a mental one, it may, perhaps, be easier to connect ourselves to the earth. 

What is Resonance?

Resonance is defined as “the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.” Which simply means when the frequency of an “applied” object is similar to or on the same frequency as a natural object. A common example of this is pushing a swing. We apply force to the swing as it moves, and then we sync up our movements with the motion of the swing. This makes our movement and the motion of the swing get on the same frequency.


To me, I can find the scientific principle of resonances in my relationship with my art. The pieces that I create show personal situations, hardships, and happy or dull memories. Almost anyone you ask who uses some form of art, will tell you that art is their form of personal expression. It’s important that humans are able to express themselves because it’s how we connect to one another. By creating art, we are pushing ourselves into the same frequency with our emotions. Most of the time I find myself taking a day to carefully lay out ideas and the reasoning behind them. Lately though, I’ve found myself jumping into it and dreading the outcome.

Additional pieces by KRose.

Some days, no matter what I create, I see it as a sad attempt at self expression. Most of the time I make something I love, but the longer I look at it, all I can see are flaws. Either it’s just my own judgment telling me I should be ashamed of my own self expression or it’s comparing other people’s art to my own, but I’m not sure. This is an example of my thoughts and  mental state affecting the frequency between myself and my self expression. But  that doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, it’s mine.

So, even if I’m so incredibly proud of something I’ve made, or if I can’t understand how I’m capable of making something I dislike so much, it shows a part of me. This is just an unnecessarily long way of saying that my resonance with art is the connection through disconnection.


More original art can be found in our Artwork archives, or just check out this recent original piece, “Colorful Geography,” by lucycraig.


Hi! I'm Rose and I enjoy learning about historical figures- and I hope I can make it enjoyable for you to!

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