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Reflections of Imperfection: A Journey to Self-Acceptance

In the realm of filters, I yearn to shine,

Posting images that obscure what’s mine.

The mirror reflects a confident grace,

Yet beneath that façade, I run a relentless race.


Brown eyes, wavy hair, kissed by the sun’s warm embrace,

On social media, a smiling, contented face.

But deep within, insecurity defines,

The concept of beauty eludes, misaligns.


Curls whisper like wind through ancient trees,

Yet I pinch my thighs, trapped in self-doubting seas.

I loathe the reflection, the constant inner fight,

In a world of standards, I’m blinded by their light.


Comparing to ideals, each a polished work of art,

Leaves me self-deprecating, tearing my soul apart.

Society’s beauty norms, a burden so true,

Lost in their maze, I yearn for a different view.


The girl I portray, a filtered, smiling guise,

Lost within this image, a long, weary guise.

I can’t define myself, forge a positive relation,

Drowning in comparisons, longing for liberation.


Let’s peel away filters, reveal what’s real and true,

Beyond the surface, a pure essence, breakthrough.

The girl in the mirror, though lost, can be found,

In her raw, unfiltered beauty, let self-love resound.


I’m not alone in this universal plight,

Trapped in standards, obscuring inner light.

I’ll celebrate my individuality each day,

For authentic beauty’s timeless, guiding my way.


My body, my mind, uniquely my own,

A canvas of emotions where self-love has grown.

I’ll break this cycle, escape this endless chase,

Embrace my true self, unmasked, with love and grace.


In this ongoing journey, seeds of self-compassion sow,

Cherishing imperfections, letting true beauty flow.

Beneath the surface, where judgments cease,

Lies the strength to define my own masterpiece.


No longer ensnared by mirrors or others’ views,

I’ll forge a path to selfhood, where authenticity ensues.

In every curve, quirk, shade, and line,

I’ll find my worth, my purpose, my beauty, divine.


Together we’ll journey, hand in hand, you and me,

Breaking chains of standards, setting our true selves free.

In this symphony of self-acceptance, we’ll find our rightful place,

Embracing our unique beauty, unmasked, with love and grace.


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1 Comment

  • Lauren Lindsey

    This is so beautiful! Sometimes what we see on the outside isn’t the same as what’s going on in the inside, and it’s really important to open up about our feelings. I love how at the end you said, “Together we’ll journey, hand in hand, you and me, Breaking chains of standards, setting our true selves free.” Each girl out there is constantly enduring societal norms and I believe this poem is really relatable.

    October 18, 2023 at 9:17 pm
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