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Reasons Why You Should Take a Foreign Language


I first started taking Francais (French) when I was in 7th grade, and I’ve found the experience not only fun, but also rewarding!

Whether it’s the language itself or the culture, there’s always a new concept waiting to be explored. Listed down below are just a few of the many reasons why learning a foreign language is beneficial.  

1. Travel

The world is diverse with numerous manners of speaking, and encouraging yourself to learn a new language allows communication barriers to be broken.

As I am someone who is currently learning French, I am able to communicate with several citizens of countries including France, Canada, and even Africa!

One of my dream vacation spots is Paris, France, and thus becoming fluent in the native language is going to aid me while touring the various streets and shops of my destination.

2. Reading Labels

Upon taking French, I’ve noticed that many phrases and sentences look familiar on the backs of products I’ve bought at the store.

Knowing a foreign language is especially fun when you’re able to read the instructions of how to use an item you’ve purchased.

This skill is very helpful at times, particularly when a product is shipped overseas and the labels are written in its unique language. 

3. Popularity

Although the foreign language you learn may not be the primary language in the U.S., there are millions of speakers across the globe. The community of French speakers are called “francophone,” and right now, there are currently 29 countries that have recognized French as their official language!


What language would you like to take? If your high school currently offers such courses, consider taking one! There are plenty of fun activities, ranging from competitive conventions to food parties during class! 



To find out how more on how to learn your next language, click here for more tips and tricks!

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