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Poem: The Pain that Aches Beneath Me

Woman in pain

In my deepest despair and my deepest sorrows, I still look for another tomorrow

Some days are full of thrills and others are full of sadness

My pain aches through my body you can see it through the outside 

It hurts so bad I can barely breathe 

I try to take deep breaths to ease the pain that flows through

But I can’t focus, I just can’t

I try not to give up and keep hope alive that seems so far away

So far away that I can’t even reach it 

The pain clicks to where I can’t separate it anymore

I say be gone from me you evil pain!

But I still can’t understand who you are

 and why have you come forth to me? 

One day I will figure this emotion out

 and my deepest despair and my deepest sorrows will be no more!  


By Madison McMorris

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