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Poem: Rain And A Blue Hue

At this moment in time

the rain seems to never stop pouring down.

The cold air was making my knees hurt

and puddles of water starts sinking into my shoes.

The umbrella starts to droop on top of my head like a hat

and the wind blows it forwards and backwards.

I looked down at my feet and felt the squish of soaked shoes and socks,

not comfortable whatsoever.

Waiting now by a traffic light,


The umbrella wasn’t an umbrella anymore,

it was more of a metal stick with flabby fabric

or a thin blanket on my head.

Walking across the road with my head down

not wanting to see the faces in the car

I pass hurriedly.

And only now does the rain stop.

Annie Hu

Hello I'm in 10th grade, I like to create art including, but not limited to, digital art, traditional, and photography.

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