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Not Everyone’s Number

Not Everyone's Number

I am so sick and tired of social media dictating what is supposed to be normal or beautiful. To them, being a young woman at about 120 lbs. is a goal we should strive to achieve. And I am absolutely TIRED of it.

To be beautiful is a number? Really?

There is a bigger issue out there that needs to be addressed instead of this social image fixation we all seem to have- health. Women have a wide variety of body types, and not one of them is more beautiful than the other. There are girls out there that can eat candy and drink soda all day and not gain a pound and stay at that 120 mark, and then there are girls that eat nothing but fruits and veggies, yet weigh more. It all comes down to body type. And although the girl that eats junk weighs less, she takes less care of her body. She’s the one more likely to feel worse more often and have health problems later on in life. The issue is not about what we look like, but how we treat ourselves. Physical health plays a much bigger role in our day to day lives than body image ever will. We as young women need to collectively realize this and encourage one another as well as realize this for ourselves. In high school it seems all about that magic number, that ideal weight goal.

But as you get older, starting college for example, your food options become limited and that second helping of mac and cheese doesn’t have you feeling so good. That’s the time your focus starts to shift and you realize what is really important. The sooner we can get people to look at it this way and sort out where our priorities should be, the better.

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