Podcasts for the New Year

Podcasts are one of my favorite forms of media! They are great to listen to while getting ready for school, driving, exercising, or while simply relaxing by yourself. No matter what topics you’re interested in, there is definitely a podcast out there for you to listen to. Here are my top five favorite podcasts at the moment, ranging from informational shows to more conversational pieces.

Up First by NPR

If you’ve ever listened to the NPR radio station, this podcast is basically the same thing in a shorter and more direct format! New episodes are released every day Monday through Saturday, and each one gives you a rundown on the latest news. The best part is that each episode is only about fifteen minutes but still jam-packed with information! If you’re looking for a short podcast that will bring you up to date on current events in the world, then Up First is the podcast for you!

How I Built This with Guy Raz

This is another NPR podcast, and it features interviews with the owners of prominent companies like Starbucks and Instagram. Assisted by Guy Raz, the host of the show, each business owner walks through the creation as well as the ups and downs of their company. Episodes range from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half, and they are perfect for future entrepreneurs or people who just want to know the history behind their favorite businesses!

Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne

This podcast features YouTuber Ashley Nichole and her best friend, Taryne Renee. Listeners send in situations that they need advice on, and the two women work together to give heartfelt and clever tips. Occasionally, special guests are brought on to assist in giving their two cents on the story. Additionally, the show features a segment where listeners send in hilarious, true stories that leave the audience smiling and laughing. If you’re looking for some quality life advice or just a good laugh, then I suggest giving Unsolicited Advice a try!

Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Pretty Basic is another podcast hosted by prominent YouTubers. This time, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz take the stage, and they speak on a wide array of topics ranging from what it’s like being a social media influencer to dealing with mental health disorders. The hosts provide listeners with a peek into the world of celebrities and red carpets while throwing in some hilarious stories along the way. Pretty Basic is the perfect podcast for anyone who is interested in the influencer world, or for anyone who wants to step into a deep conversation between two best friends!

Sweet Boys with Andrew Siwicki and Garrett Watts

Last up, we have Sweet Boys. This podcast is pretty new, with its first episode being released on November 18, 2020. The hosts are Andrew Siwicki and Garrett Watts, and yet again, the two are best friends and prominent digital creators. In their podcast, they dive into a wide array of topics, with some episodes featuring a surface-level yet comedic conversation, while others feature a deep discussion about relatable life topics. Either way, this podcast will leave you with tears of laughter and will make you feel as though you were hanging out with two of your best friends.

Well, those are my top five favorite podcasts at the moment! I hope you found something that you’re interested in listening to. All of these podcasts are available on multiple streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Additionally, episodes of Sweet Boys and Unsolicited Advice are filmed and posted on YouTube in case you prefer watching them instead. Happy listening!

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