My Invisible Crown

My Invisible Crown

I find it strange the way nature works sometimes. If all creatures are from nature, then why do every species treat women differently? In a bee hive, there is only one all-powerful queen with no king by her side. So why are the workplaces in the world any different? Why are the women of the world not even paid as much as men with lower jobs? I wonder if there is an animal species where the man and the woman are equal. They both have to work, and they both have to take care of their off springs. Are there animals like this? It makes me afraid sometimes that the most civilized animals – humans – cannot even treat everyone fairly.

Why can’t every girl be a queen, and make their own choices? The answer is that we can. When my little sister is spinning around in her crown singing and dancing her heart out it always makes me smile. She wants to be a princess, but she already is one. We all are and our lives are our choice. The world is changing but there will still be obstacles in our way. But we can push through them, wearing our crowns.girl

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