Learn To Make Yourself Happy First

Learn to Make Yourself Happy First

Don’t Let Your Happiness Be Dependent on Others

One of the most important things that my recent adventure into adulthood has taught me is that if you learn to be happy by yourself before you’re happy with someone else, then you’ll learn to be that much happier in life; you won’t have to depend on others to do it for you. You will be much happier in your future friendships and relationships. Those who cannot handle being alone or who get depressed when doing so won’t find themselves happy a lot of the time when it inevitably happens. If you seek happiness through others, then you will never honestly be happy because, as the saying goes, happiness comes from within. Those who can not handle being alone or can’t find real happiness can become clingy in their friendships and relationships. They rely on those people because they can’t rely on themselves.

If you take the time to make yourself happy first, you can then be more picky about the people who you allow into your life, because you know you don’t need anyone to make you happy in the first place. You won’t feel the need to deal with people who bring any negativity into your life. Being happy from within means that you are more secure with who you are as a person. You will know that you are worth so much more than anyone who might treat you less than that. Learning to be happy on your own can be one of the most difficult challenges that any human may face, but it is so worth it in the end when you are confident in yourself and the people who you surround yourself with.

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