How to Stay Healthy in Exam Season

How To Stay Healthy During Exam Season

How to Stay Healthy in Exam Season

Exam season can take its toll on even the most prepared and studious of us. The pressure from professors and parents, comparing ourselves to classmates, and grasping for the grades we need can leave us burned out and despondent. Looking after our mental and physical health can become less of a priority as we concentrate on trying to cram as much information as possible into our groaning brains. However, not only can this be detrimental to our health, but it can also mean that all of that studying becomes far less effective. Wouldn’t it be better to scale back a little on the cramming and, instead, make the time we spend studying really count? Check out four top tips for taking care of yourself during exam season, below.


It can be tempting to grab a quick oven pizza or simply survive on chips and dip during exam season as you try to use every spare moment to cram, but your mind and body won’t thank you for neglecting your nutrition. Think of food as fuel; it will give both your brain and body the energy needed to focus and to perform at its best. Taking 10 minutes to prepare a nutritious meal or snack can also be an excellent way to give yourself breaks during the day and allow your brain to recuperate. You can save time by cooking big batches and putting some in Tupperware so that you have a few lunches or dinners prepped and ready to go.

The last thing you want is to get sick during the exam period, so it’s essential to prioritize your health during this time. Ensuring that your body is getting the vitamins it needs through a healthy diet is of the utmost importance. Another way to bolster your body’s vitamin intake is through IV therapies, like those offered by Reset IV Los Angeles. IV therapy has grown in popularity in recent years and provides an effective alternative to oral supplements; providing your body with an infusion of vitamins and minerals to help it to perform at its best.

Sleep and Rest


Rest is hugely vital for memory it can be tempting to spend every waking hour with your head in your books, thinking that the more you cram, the better you’ll do. However, you must allow yourself the opportunity to rest and recuperate. Sleep is an essential part of the process our brains use to store memory and help us to retain information. Neglecting sleep can render all those cramming sessions far less effective.


Taking breaks during the day is also key to protecting your overall wellness. Having some time during the day to switch off and relax can help you to keep your focus. If you’re burned out, you will most likely find that however hard you study nothing will stick; you’re not retaining information and your time is rendered far less effective. Think about quality over quantity.

Stay active

Exercise boosts brain health and function so trying to remain active during exam period is essential. If all you can manage is a high-paced walk each day, this is better than nothing and getting some fresh air can work wonders for clearing out the cobwebs. Don’t overdo it to the point that your body is unnecessarily fatigued, but keep getting some workouts in. Exercise helps to oxygenate the brain; it can be a helpful tool in aiding focus, reducing stress, and it also makes you feel good. You need those lovely endorphins now more than ever.

Have a schedule

Having a revision timetable can be an effective strategy for managing your time and maximizing the effectiveness of your study sessions. Plan in your breaks and make sure you take them; go for a walk, do a workout, take the time to make a nutritious snack, have a bath, or listen to music. When you get back to your books, you’ll be refreshed, and your brain will be ready to absorb the information.

Decide what time you will put your books down and say goodnight. Be strict on sticking to this and resist the temptation to prop your eyelids open and stare blindly at textbooks until 4am; all this will do is guarantee that you are exhausted for your exam. Preferably factor in 30 minutes to an hour to wind-down and relax between closing your books and heading to bed. Avoid overly stimulating activity like a workout or scrolling through social media right before bed as this can make it difficult to drift off.



Prioritizing self-care is never more critical than during exams, and yet we can tend to sabotage ourselves by neglecting our physical and mental health at this critical time. Planning how you will take care of yourself can be crucial in ensuring that you perform at your best and realize your potential.  Using the above tips can help you to not only survive exam season but thrive in it.




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