How to Recognize if It’s Time to End Things

How to Recognize if it's Time To End Things

What You Shouldn’t Tolerate in Your Relationships

When you’re young, the end of a relationship can seem like the end of the world. It’s easy to romanticize a relationship that is actually going downhill and isn’t healthy in general. There are specific things that can start to happen after the honeymoon phase is over that will let you know that maybe there is no real future between your significant other and you.

The first way to know it’s time to end things is that they are extremely jealous and territorial. We all get jealous to an extent, but I know plenty of girls whose boyfriends get mad if they even speak to the opposite sex. You would be surprised what people will put up with to make their significant other happy in order to avoid a breakup and inevitable heartbreak. Basically, if they’re constantly being extremely territorial about where you go and who you hang out with to the point that you feel like you can’t even do anything at all, then there’s a good chance you’ll be happier moving on and finding a more rational partner.

One characteristic that some people have is that they joke about their significant others’ insecurities. This is a passive-aggressive tactic to make one feel lesser than they are. Usually, people do this so the other person doesn’t get cocky and feel like they can do better than the person they are already with. This an extreme form of dealing with insecurities. These people don’t even deserve to be in relationships and are usually abusive people in general.

Another way you can recognize that it’s time to end things is that you argue on a regular basis. Sometimes when life gets stressful, it can cause a hostile environment between two people in an adult relationship. BUT if you’re in high school there’s really nothing much going on that should cause two teenagers who are dating to argue every other day or even every day. This especially goes if you feel like you are never the person starting the argument and you feel as though you have to walk on eggshells around the other person. This can cause you to become emotionally drained. You don’t have to stick around and let someone else take the joy out of your life.

The last and most obvious reason you should leave a relationship is when unfaithfulness is involved. There is the common physical cheating aspect, but there is also emotional cheating. This can simply include your significant other sending a text to Jenny from biology class that she’s “so hot”. If their heart is not completely with you then it probably never was. Don’t stay just for someone to play with your heart and not genuinely care about you. You deserve better, and whether you realize it or not, better people are out there.

It can be so hard to break up with someone who you invested real time and emotions with. It can feel like you will never find another person or that you can’t do better, but that is so far from the truth. Just remember that heartbreak is just temporary but your happiness and well-being is forever and should always be your first priority. Every couple goes through hardships and working through them can make you stronger, but always remember the difference between things you can work through and things that shouldn’t even be tolerated in the first place.

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