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How to Make Friends in College

How to Make Friends in College

In the months before going to college, the thing that I was most nervous for, was making friends. Anybody who has gone to a new school knows the jittery feeling of nervousness and doubt right before your first day. This is the exact feeling most people get right before leaving to go to college. For most, being at college is the first time that you are left alone and have to be responsible and independent.

I come from a somewhat large public school in Alabama, and about half of my graduating class went to Auburn which is where I attend college currently. So, I definitely was in a very different situation than a lot of other people going to college out of state or going to a college where they knew almost no one. Even though I had the comfort of knowing quite a few people going to Auburn, I was still nervous about making new friends and meeting new people. I had only ever moved to a new school in 4th grade, so I had forgotten the nervous and excited feelings that go along with it.

I did not rush for a sorority in college simply because it is just not of interest to me. Many of my friends from high school would tell me that they were excited to immediately have people in their sororities that they could get to know and become good friends with. This made me more nervous because I started to question where I could form friendships without being in a sorority. I quickly found out that there are so many other ways to make friends without being in a sorority.
After finishing my freshman year of college, I would not have expected to find friends in all places with all kinds of different backgrounds.

Here are some tips that have helped me find new friends in college:

1. Remember that everyone is trying to meet new friends, so everyone will be open to getting to know you.
This is one thing that I had to keep reminding myself throughout freshman year. Unlike going to a new school when you were younger, everybody is going to a new school. You don’t have to worry about there being friend groups that have already formed and you not being able to fit in. Everybody is in the same general boat and eager to meet different people that they could be lifelong friends with.

2. Attend campus events and join organizations.
One of the best ways to make friends is to attend events that or join organizations that interest you. If you attend these, you will find people who have similar interests to you. I attend a college ministry, and have found many of my closest friends there. Often times, a university will have many clubs or organizations where you can find at least one that interests you.

3. Be yourself.
Being your true self is one of the most important things to remember when coming to college. If you are completely yourself, you will gravitate towards people who accept you for exactly who you are.

Overall, making friends in college can be nerve wracking, but if you just be yourself, you will find forever friends that love you for who you are!

Helena McComiskey

I am Helena McComiskey and I am a sophomore at Auburn University majoring in Pre-Nursing. I am a first-time GirlSpring intern. I enjoy spending time outdoors, hanging out with my friends, and traveling.

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