How to Have the Perfect Day at Oak Mountain State Park

First of all, I love Oak Mountain State Park.  It’s a very convenient nature spot for people who live close by and it has so much to offer. This upcoming summer, I want to spend more time there because being in nature is one of my favorite things; it makes me feel so happy to be surrounded by plants and animals in all of their glory. This list is for anyone else who feels the same as me, in all wannabe granola girl glory!

Before I begin, keep in mind there is a 5 dollar fee to enter (for ages 12-61)

1. Cute but Practical

One of the first things to consider it your outfit. If you plan on doing any extensive walking or hiking, definitely wear sneakers and weather appropriate athletic clothing. On the other hand, if you and your friends just want to have a fun picnic by the lake, dress as cute as you’d like! The picnic tables and the view will for sure create cute photos and memories.

2. Animal Lovers Unite

Oak Mountain’s Wildlife Center is probably one of my most favorite things about the whole park. Visitors can observe owls, hawks, and other raptors who are temporarily rehabilitated before being released back into the wild. The center itself is also very educational, and people can lounge and just watch as birds feed from a bird feeder.

Near the lake, Oak Mountain also has a wildlife trail which is an aboveground walking path where people can see vultures, owls, and permanent avian residents!

Something I have yet to explore, is Oak Mountains barn, which houses many barn animals to be pet and fed. (The barn is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure the animals get rest from humans)

3. Where there is will, there is Water

Because Oak Mountain has a lake, there are many activates for people to enjoy. People may bring their own small boats, or rent them at the park (for those who aren’t adults they need a parent’s consent). General swimming and fishing is allowed as there is a small beach that spans part of the lake.

Finally, for those who are up for a long drive a good hike, Peavine Falls awaits. It’s a small, yet pretty waterfall where people can take photos after walking or simply relax by the steady spray.

Now, I did not list every possible activity to be done at Oak Mountain. There is simply too much, because if you look hard enough there really is something for everyone! All I can say is I hope this may encourage you to get out and appreciate Alabama’s beautiful nature that is really right in our backyard.


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