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Flawless Tips that will Help you to Take the Best Selfies

If you have ever taken selfie after selfie and just never been happy with the result, then you are not alone. So many people are in the same position as you, but if you put in the work then you will soon find that it is more than possible for you to turn things around. It’s time to become a pro.

Look Up to the Camera

The first thing that you need to do is look up towards the camera. As you do this, you then need to raise your eyebrows as this will make your eyes appear way bigger. When you have done this, think about something that will put a smile on your face. When you do this, you will soon find that you can get the look of genuine happiness, and this will shine through in your photo. If you still failed to do that while snapping photos, you can use a smile editor app and make images joyful.

Extend your Head

If possible, you need to try and extend your head away from your neck. When you do this, you will then be able to create the look of a longer neck as well as helping your jawline. You can push your shoulders down if you want as this will help you to look way more relaxed.

Hold your Phone to the Side

Don’t hold your phone in front of you. Instead, hold it out to the side as this will help you to get a flawless angle that will make all the difference to your photos. If you want to edit your photo later to make it pop, then look into Apple proraw. This is a great way to adopt a different approach to any photos that you take.

Relax and Exhale

Next, you need to relax your mouth and breathe out. When you breathe out through your lips, you will help your mouth to loosely open. This will stop your mouth from looking tense in your picture. As a bonus, if you like to pout in your photo, then this will make your lips look more plump.

Slowly Spin

When you are in the right position, you then need to slowly spin around until you are able to find the best light. When you have done this, you can then snap away. If you spin with the phone, then this will change the background and it will also help you to make sure that you don’t have anything that could impact your photo. This is the best way for you to make sure that you don’t ruin a perfect selfie pose with a bad background.

Of course, there are many things that you can do to try and make sure that you take the best selfies and if you follow this guide, then you will soon find that your photos end up looking way better and that you also portray a sense of confidence. This can go a long way to helping you with your self-esteem and it also means that you don’t have to take hundreds of selfies just to try and find the right one.


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  • Dania A.

    Incredible tips! Another thing I find helpful is to actually take a video doing different poses, smiling from different angles, whatever it may be, and afterwards, you can pause the video at the right moment and take a screenshot! I think videos help you to be natural and less tense.

    March 31, 2022 at 2:40 pm
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