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Five Poems to Get You Thinking About Fall

among the tress in fall

Although most of the poetry I have read in my life has been school assigned, I have always appreciated the imagery, emotional charge, and hidden meanings that all poetry possess. I find poems about nature particularly easy to read and enjoyable, and seeing as it is fall-ish here in Alabama, I thought I would share some pleasant and simple poems to help everyone get in the autumnal mood.

There is a little summary under each poem. I tried not to analyze it too much to avoid projecting my own opinions on the interpretations of others. I know these are a little basic, but there are tons of fabulous authors who have written plenty of beautiful and calming poems if these are not for you.

“The Glory is Fallen Out Of” – E. E. Cummings

I honestly love e.e. Cummings. Although his unconventional writing style can be confusing at times, his appreciation of the majesty and grandeur of nature is inspiring and can always turn a bad mood around.

“Autumn” -Emily Dickinson

Dickinson’s style is comparatively clear compared to many poets of her time, and this brief poem in particular has a little dab of humor that adds just a little bit of sparkle to the easy-going piece.

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” -Robert Frost

Ok this poem is definitely Winter and not Fall but I love it so I included it. Yes, I had to read it in my English class, but that does not mean it should be dismissed as a mere teaching device. It is transportive; After reading it, I feel as if I am sitting in a still and silent snowy wood alongside the narrator.

“To Autumn” -John Keats

This poem practically screams fall. In the first stanza alone you can practically see the golden light filtering through falling leaves. You can smell the crisp chilling air rushing around you. You can hear the soft crunch of earth beneath your feet.

“The Empty House” -Walter De La Mare

This one is perfect for Halloween. If you are looking for additional spooky season reads, Edgar Allen Poe has chilling short stories and poems. Also, Hocus Pocus may not be literature but it sure is a great Halloween movie.

For some more poetry, check out Poetry from the Desert Island Supply Company.

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