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Feeling Stressed? Let’s Reset

Wow! It’s already November, and I am being deluged with this schoolwork. Projects are due on this day and that day. It seems like I don’t have time for myself anymore. It’s like all of my time is going to school. That is what we all may be thinking at the moment. We have to get that work out the way to succeed and go to the next level, but it is healthy that we also set a time for ourselves so we can be mentally stable enough to do the work. If you feel that you need some support in this area, keep reading!

First and foremost, get all that work done. I understand that it may be tedious, but let’s keep in mind that we’re trying to get out of high school and go to college and get that degree. Girl, you have to keep pushing, you’ve got to keep grinding. We made it too far to stop now.  It’s ok to stop and take breaks but don’t sit around for too long. It’s ok to have an emotional moment; you process that stress to conquer it.

Secondly, It is vital to ensure that your surrounding is organized.  If you do your work in your bedroom, make sure it is clean. Your surroundings play a huge role in your mental health, so you must work in an environment where you can function well.

Thirdly, once all of those assignments are completed, check over your work to make sure you have quality work. When you have finished revising your work, do something that brings you joy. It could be watching movies, playing video games, or sleeping. Whatever that happiness lies, you go collect it. 

In conclusion, your surroundings play a huge role in your work quality. It is important to take a break from your work because you have to be mentally stable enough to do it. You can’t do anything correctly when you are stressed out. Don’t be shy, take that break, and you will not regret it.


Rachel Ari

Hi, I am Rachel Ari. I am an interviewer and writer for GirlSpring that enjoys laughing and hanging with friends. I am currently a sophomore in high school that looks forward to flourishing as I continue my journey through high school as a Springboarder.

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