Factors To Consider When Choosing A College

Factors to Consider When Choosing A College

Throughout the first twelve years of your education we pretty much are more or less moved like cattle towards whatever public school is in our district – unless you attended private school – but regardless of public or private education; either the county or your parents are making the choice for you on where you will learn. However, once high school comes to a close there is both an overwhelming and thrilling decision placed on your shoulders: It’s time to choose where you will continue your education – college. As you shuffle through campus tours, blankly nod when your parents offer advice and watch your peers proudly boast their future college sweatshirts around school, it can make choosing a college intimidating.


Here are some factors to consider to help ease some of the pressure:

  • As HGTV would say “Location! Location! Location!”. Are you a homebody? Are you eager to spread your wings and leave the nest? Think about colleges in places that appeal to you
  • Financial. Ugh, this one is as boring as the mandatory English class you’ll take freshman year, but is an important thing to consider. Discuss this one with your parents and empty your piggy bank out to see what you is in your financial limits.
  • Research the background of your university in regards to the area you’re interested in studying. I chose the school that had the best communications school due to me pursuing journalism.
  • Ask people that already attend the school for the inside scoop
  • Go with your gut! It’s usually never wrong and personally it’s my most trusted adviser


Lastly, whatever you do don’t pick a college based on a boy or follow your friends to a university you’re on the fence about.


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