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Earth’s Personalities

Earth's Personalities

Earth’s Personalities

slowly, the dreary wintry songs fade away.
The rose bush blooms,
and my porch is dusted in yellow.
mother nature dances in the air,

green leaves grow, and the heat sets in.
the day is longer, and the stars watch
our impulsive late night walks.
adventures dacne in our heads,
making us infinate.

softly, the leaves turn,
and the wind blows a new scent
that brings us back to our books.
the leaves are dancing and singing
with every color they know.

the last leaf unknowing falls,
and the sun sleeps in.
the air has a new chill that
nips my nose and pinches my cheeks.
and slowly, the dreary wintry songs resume.


Margo is a student at Homewood High School and a member of the Springboarders teen leadership program.

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