Dash & Lily: How to be the Main Character this Holiday Season

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Dash & Lily – the perfect show for this season (& for hopeless romantics)

The underrated Netflix rom-com drama Dash & Lily, rated TV-14, hit screens last November and has been a favorite of mine ever since. The 8-episode series follows two young adults, Dash and Lily, and their romantic, thrilling adventures in their beloved home of New York City. Although these two characters have a beautiful and natural connection, they could not have started without a certain journal.

Lily, our female lead who loves Christmas, leaves a red journal, one being filled with dares, at a bookstore. Dash, our main male character who hates Christmas, finds the journal and is compelled to open the curiously bright book on the shelf. The first page reads,

“I’ve left some clues for you. If you want them, turn the page. If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf”.

To which Dash responds by continuing to read. The rest of the series unravels in a very cute and romantic way as the characters sometimes cross paths but do not know as they only communicate with each other through the book – no names, pictures, phone numbers, or anything that will give away who they are.

I highly recommend watching this series for its loveable characters, great acting, good representation, interesting plot, funny moments, holiday spirit, and Christmas festivities.

But… I want to be the main character too

But if you end up loving the plot and the idea of finding your soulmate through pure coincidence and writing to each other, you may start to wonder if Netflix’s idea of reality could be yours. Before I get into my few tips and tricks on how to live this holiday season as the main character of a Hallmark-Netflix rom-com, I think I should note how important it is to understand that you will not be the main character of everyone’s story – for better or worse. But that certainly does not mean you are not the main character of your own! So, here are a few things you can do to spice up this holiday season.

Tip 1

Live life in the moment. Although this sounds cliche, truly it is great advice. Try your hardest to not live in the past or future. If we learned anything from A Christmas Carol, it should be that we can learn from mistakes and moments, but we must move forward. If you see an ice rink but you aren’t with any friends or a significant other, just go for it! Ride the rink and do it for yourself! Do not think about what others are thinking about you! If you see someone wearing a fuzzy coat you think is stylish, tell the stranger and give them a compliment! The holiday season can be hard for some individuals so any chance you get to spread some joy, I challenge you to take it!

Tip 2

Don’t match energies! Like I mentioned previously, the holidays can be very rough for some people. But do not match energies! If a person is dry at texting/planning or being negative, keep your positive energy! I believe people draw in where they are at so try your best to stay positive, even though I understand that is way easier said than done. If you could be a little good in a person’s bad moment, you are only creating good karma.

Tip 3

Get creative!

  • Make a bucket list or to-do list for festive holiday activities
  • Make a scrapbook with your holiday adventures
  • Create a new Instagram account and do not tell anyone about it (post whenever and whatever you want – it takes away so much stress and judgment from those in your personal life)
  • Create a TikTok (or use Instagram Reels) romanticizing everyday moments
  • Create a book of dares or a journal like the one in Dash & Lily
  • Try to find a pen pal
  • Make gingerbread men or decorate a gingerbread house


Now, enjoy this holiday season and all it has to offer! Read festive books (recommendations here), make some hot cocoa and snow angels, ice skate, cherish loved ones, and watch some festive shows!

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