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College Interview Tips

College Interview Tips

One of the most important ways to show your interest in a college is by requesting an interview. This is one of the only times a representative can talk to you face to face and actually get to know you. Thus, having a stellar interview helps your chances of getting in. A few days ago I had an interview with my top University choice, and here are 10 tips I took away from it.

  • When the interviewer first walks up, shake his/her hand and thank him/her for taking the time to interview. Many of these people have jobs that they must take time away from in order to come talk to you.
  • Look him/her straight in the eye. The person who interviewed me told me that I was one of the only students who looked him in they eye and he greatly appreciated it.
  • Think of reasons why you will be an impact at that school. Think of how you are unique and what your uniqueness will bring that no one else can.
  • Do some research on the school before the interview so that you can use facts to support why you chose to apply to that school.
  • Show up at least 5 minutes early.
  • When asked about your weaknesses, spin them to highlight your strengths. Example: I am so motivated to the point it cuts into my social life.
  • Think of a time when you were challenged and how you overcome that challenge. Make sure the story highlights who you are as a person.
  • Smile and act interested.
  • Think of questions to ask the interviewer at the end. Example: What did you take away from going to this school?
  • PREPARE. Create a cheat sheet beforehand with possible questions and answers. Trust me, it will help you.

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    A good hand shake goes a long way!

    February 8, 2017 at 11:19 pm
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