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Book Review: I am Malala

Book Review: I Am Malala

Have You ever taken a stand for something you believe in or think is right? Or maybe suffered for some one you love unconditionally. A Teenager named Malala Yousafzai lived in a society where women couldn’t get an education. She believed that it was not right for the Taliban to say because of your gender you can’t receive an education. Malala says, ” I Believe there is something good for every evil, that every time there’s a bad person, God sends a good one. ” Malala Survived a bullet to the head, which proved she was very strong and spoke out for what she thought was right.

During this month think of ways you can help out around your community. Look for things to change in the world, even if you can’t change them you can make a tiny impact by trying. People today are struggling to stand up for what they believe in, but we can change that. A little over half of the people today speak up when they know something is wrong. Try to change the world, and don’t let people tell you otherwise.


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