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Bloom Where You Are Planted by Ashley Mosley

Bloom Where You Are Planted by Ashley Mosley

Let’s imagine you are going to the store to pick out some seeds to put in your garden. You get there and you realize there is a big variety of different flowers. There are tall flowers, short flowers, red flowers, pink flowers, yellow flowers, purple flowers, flowers that are planted in the ground, and flowers that are planted in a pot.There are so many different kinds and they are all so unique. You can’t decide which one to get because they are all so beautiful. This is how people are. Everybody is so different in shape, size, color, weight, height, but we are all the same. We are all beautiful.

Just because somebody doesn’t look the same as you does not mean they are not beautiful. We were all created perfectly and the way we were intended to be. Earth is one big beautiful flower pot that has so many different types of people in it. As Summer is just around the corner, we will see all sorts of people we probably haven’t seen as much. I want to make it a personal goal of yours to point out the beautiful part of each person you meet. You don’t have to say anything to them if you don’t want to, but try to think of one thing that makes that person beautiful. They are another beautiful flower to add to your garden.


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