Best Teen TV Shows to Watch Now on Paramount+

The fascination with adolescence has been captivating TV viewers for ages, and this interest has only intensified with platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu competing with their teen-centric dramas. Nowadays, series like “Never Have I Ever” and “Yellowjackets” showcase some of the most intricately crafted teenage characters seen on television.

Covering a range from animation to sitcoms, and from murder mysteries to sci-fi, these shows explore the rollercoaster of emotions teenagers face. Let’s explore together the list of teen TV shows that are worth watching now on Paramount+

Best Teen TV Shows on Paramount

1. The Challenge

MTV’s The Challenge, available on Paramount+ from its 10th season in 2005, has transformed from a simple spinoff of The Real World and Road Rules into a premium reality showdown. It attracts a varied cast from shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and Love Island, among others. Evolving constantly, contestants face intense missions individually or in teams, all aiming for ultimate victory and significant cash rewards.

2. Sex Education

Despite its lack of sufficient sex education, Moordale Secondary stands out for its intense romantic dynamics and some of the most endearing teenagers on television today. “Sex Education” on Netflix begins with Otis (played by Asa Butterfield), a therapist’s son, Dr. Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), accidentally becoming the go-to advisor for sexual health among his peers. Alongside him are his best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and the elusive Maeve (Emma Mackey), navigating through a business that flourishes amid administration challenges and peer misunderstandings, leading to both comedic and tender moments.

Please note that your library is highly location dependent. If you log into Paramount Plus with a different IP address, the list of shows and movies may change greatly. This is the main reason to use VPN on Paramount, although it can also protect your device and reduce latency. How to use VPN? You need to log into the application, connect to a server in a different region and return to Paramount+. The service itself will determine your location.

3. Reservation Dogs

“Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi’s “Reservation Dogs” follows the lives of four Indigenous teens in Oklahoma. After losing their friend, Elora (Devery Jacobs), Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Cheese (Lane Factor), and Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) plan to escape to California, weaving a poignant tale of youth and resilience.”

4. Evil

In “Evil,” Katja Herbers and Mike Colter unite as an unconventional duo investigating the line between the mystical and the mundane. She, a forensic psychologist haunted by nocturnal demons, and he, a would-be Catholic priest with a penchant for psychedelics, unravel the mysteries of faith’s shadowy aspects and supernatural phenomena. This series, lauded by EW for its “sheer acting talent and narrative craft,” provides a unique, often uproarious twist on the paranormal investigation genre, transitioning to Paramount+ in its third season.

5. Jericho

Jericho, a standout post-apocalyptic drama that premiered in 2006, remains a top pick for Paramount+ viewers nearly twenty years after its finale. The series captures the trials of Jericho’s inhabitants following a nuclear strike on the U.S., exploring themes of survival amidst societal collapse, scarcity of resources, the breakdown of modern communication, and radiation threats. This gripping narrative ensures its place as a must-watch on the streaming platform, even through a VPN Edge addon or other form of VPN. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, so there’s a good chance you’ll be drawn in by the story.

6. Halo

Transforming the iconic “Halo” video game universe into a television series was a bold move helmed by executive producer Steven Spielberg. Starring Pablo Schreiber as the steadfast Master Chief, the series dives into a 26th-century battle against the alien Covenant. Alongside Schreiber’s Master Chief are Olive Gray as Commander Miranda Keyes and Natascha McElhone as Dr. Elizabeth Halsey. The show promises rich world-building and thrilling sci-fi action, yet it’s Schreiber’s portrayal of Master Chief’s humanity that truly stands out. Critics praise Season 2 for surpassing its debut, wrapping up in March.

7. Key & Peele

Jordan Peele, praised for psychological horror films like Get Out and Us, alongside Keegan-Michael Key’s lead in whimsical series such as Schmigadoon on Apple TV+, both find their origins in their Emmy-awarded sketch show. Echoing legendary comedic duos, their unmatched synergy breathed life into unforgettable sketches, including the iconic “Meegan, come back!” and the hilariously mispronounced student names by the substitute teacher.


There’s quite a variety of shows on this list, so it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to find something interesting for you. Just pick a couple of shows that might hook you and watch a couple of episodes. Usually this is enough to get into the story and understand whether you want to continue following the characters.

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